ABB first for IECEx

29 March 2010

ABB is the first motor manufacturer in the world to be granted a license to use the IECEx Conformity Mark which allows ABB to display the IECEx Conformity Mark on products covered by an IECEx Certificate of Conformity, as well as on packaging and promotional materials. Read More

The IECEx Conformity Mark shows that a product has been granted an IECEx Certificate of Conformity. IECEx Certification confirms that the product has the appropriate protection for use in explosive atmospheres and that it has been manufactured under systems subject to ongoing surveillance by Certification Bodies. It is recognised in all the countries participating in the IECEx System, and also means that the product can be supplied to the market without the need for additional tests.

The IECEx Conformity Mark System was introduced in 2008. IECEx Conformity Mark Licenses are issued by approved Certification Bodies in IECEx participating countries.

ABB has been granted IECEx Certification for a wide range of low and high voltage motors, and these can therefore display the IECEx Conformity Mark. The hazardous area protection types provided by these motors include

* Flameproof Ex d

* Non-sparking Ex nA

* Pressurized Ex p

* Dust tight Ex tD

The IECEx Conformity Mark License will considerably enhance ABB’s ability to market its products globally. It complements ABB’s existing ATEX approval, which is based on two EU Directives governing the use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The IECEx Conformity Mark License for ABB motors is issued by

  • LCIE-Bureau Veritas. LCIE has been providing product certification services within the IECEx System since 2002. It was granted approval to issue IECEx Conformity Mark Licenses in 2008.
  • VTT Expert Services Ltd. VTT has been operating within the IECEx System for certification of products since 2006. It gained the necessary approval to issue IECEx Conformity Mark Licenses in 2008.

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