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Siemens low vibration motor exceeds IEEE STD 841-2009

Author : Edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor Control Engineering News Desk

16 March 2010

Siemens Industry Inc. has introduced a new design concept for the low vibration version of its rugged SD100 IEEE841 motor. The frame, bearing housings, stator and rotor employ the company's most technologically advanced designs to surpass the vibration requirements of the IEEE Std 841-2009.

IEEE Std 841-2009 requires 3,600rpm motors to operate with a maximum filtered vibration of .05 in./sec at twice speed or twice line frequency. This standard is particularly difficult to meet in the horizontal plane. Siemens test results of .033 in./sec have been recorded for the new design, exceeding the standard.

The new low vibration SD100 IEEE841 motor is well suited for a wide variety of severe duty applications in industries such as petrochemical and paper processing. Features include:
• Rugged cast iron frame, bearing housings, fan cover and conduit box;
• Double-drilled (8 mounting holes) feet for easy installation;
• 6-Bolt bearing housings for improved stiffness;
• NEMA Premium or higher efficiencies to lower operating costs;
• Inpro/Seal bearing isolators on both ends of the motor to protect bearings; and
• Inverter-rated insulation system.

To provide users a variety of application options, the motors are available in three configurations: stock, modifiable through Siemens' unique QuikMOD program or custom-built to meet specific customer requirements.

The Drive Technologies (DT) division of Siemens Industry, Inc. supplies products and services for production machinery and machine tools. DT's integrated electrical and mechanical technologies cover the entire drive train, and include standard products as well as industry-specific control and drive solutions for metal forming, printing and electronic manufacturing. DT also provides solutions for the glass, wood, plastics, ceramics, textiles, packaging equipment and crane system industries, as well as mechatronics support to online services for Web-based fault management and preventive maintenance.

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