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HMS adds Profinet-IRT 2-port with integrated switch technology into its popular Anybus X-gateway family

05 March 2010

HMS helps reduce system integration costs by releasing three new versions of the Anybus X-gateway family with Profinet-IRT functionality.

The new X-gateway versions connect Profibus DP/DPV1, Interbus and CANopen  slave devices with the Profinet industrial Ethernet network.

These three new gateway versions are released with a specific focus on European automobile installations where current fieldbus networks like Profibus and Interbus, are slowly being migrated into Profinet. By utilizing the integrated 2-port switch technology, the X-gateway can assist in reducing infrastructre costs by eliminating the need for external switches in the production line installation. The X-gateway combines a Profinet interface with ”IRT” (Isynchronous Real-Time) functionality. The Profinet interface is based on the proven ERTEC-200 technology from Siemens and conforms to the Profinet Conformance Class C standard.

The Anybus X-gateway family consists of 180 different versions and thus can interconnect all popular fieldbusses such as Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen or connect these fieldbusses with the new Industrial Ethernet standards, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and EtherCAT. The gateways are Stand-Alone devices built for DIN-Rail mounting. After power-up the gateways are immediately ready for data exchange between the two selected networks. Configuration is done within a few minutes and no programming or specific PC Hard- or Software is required. The gateways transmit I/O data and parameters completely transparent between the two networks. The amount of data is configured within a simple configuration dialogue during setup of the gateway.

The gateways can easily be integrated into industrial automation systems and ensure a seamless information flow between different networks. The Anybus X-gateways combine high reliability and flexibility which makes them an indispensible connectivity tool for system integrators and plant operators.

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