Total has vision and robotics focus

23 February 2010

Total Processing and Packaging 2010 will feature a dedicated Vision and Robotics Pavilion, incorporating members of the UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) and BARA (British Automation and Robotics Association).

UKIVA consultant, Don Braggins, said: “The PPMA, UKIVA and BARA will, of course, have their own presence within the pavilion, in addition to the members. There will also be a UKIVA/BARA lounge to provide a meeting focal point for members and their customers. With both UKIVA and BARA having Special Interest Group status in the PPMA, there is now a ‘one stop shop’ for automation in the UK, in line with many other European countries”.

“The combination of robotics and image processing enables the fault free, fast, reliable and economic manufacture and quality assurance of all kinds of products in many areas”, he continued. “Vision and robotics combine in an automation environment in a variety of ways. In the first, image processing provides mechanical robots with a new mode of perception by giving them added ‘vision’ which is used to locate parts or guide the robot (pick and place) and in the second, the robot is used to present parts for vision inspection. Vision can also be used to identify a particular product and then instruct a robot system to carry out the appropriate action, such as use the correct painting program. We should also not underestimate the importance of 100 per cent inspection by vision to satisfy regulatory requirements for the pharmaceutical sector”.

UKIVA and BARA members exhibiting at the Total show include: AA Automation, Alrad Imaging, Axelent, CenFRA, Fanuc Robotics, Teksis (ITS), Lambda Photometrics, Scorpion Vision, Staubli and Stemmer Imaging.

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