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Arpon Works with Verdermag Global

15 February 2010

Arpon Industrial Equipment and Trade Limited has recently won even more new business as a result of being able to supply the best solution for the client within their lead times.

Anthony Beckwith, Global Product Manager says: “Choosing the right pump for your application is not a straight forward process. Verdermag Global, as a specialist pumping solutions supplier for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, works closely with its distributors to ensure we can give the end user, the best possible solution. In this particular instance we supplied a PC160L because the end user mainly pumped water but occasionally pumped caustic with the water, so a pump that suited both applications equally was essential. They also requested that the pump was entirely in stainless steel and the motor was flameproof. Add to this list of requirements, specific capacities and lead times and only suppliers with a vast range of products and the knowledge of that particular industry will be able to give the end user the right solution, as opposed to simply what they have to offer.

“Verdermag Global deals with specific requirements like these every day, or we have the expertise to recommend the best products where the end user might not be sure exactly what they need. Arpon was particularly pleased with the partnership approach we took on this project because it hopes to secure more business from the same client in the near future.”

For more information on Verdermag Global visit www.verderglobal.com

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