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Aerotech’s new PRO165LM linear stages are built for high throughput high precision, industrial positioning

15 February 2010

Low cost stage builds on well proven hard top & side sealed design.

Linear motion guide bearings, direct-drive linear motors and high resolution linear encoders make for exceptionally high reliability and long life time positioning systems.

Aerotech has launched a new range of high precision linear positioning stages for high throughput industrial production and test applications. The low-cost PRO165LM series features and improves upon Aerotech’s time-tested hard-top and side sealed stage design with a powerful direct-drive brushless linear motor, micron level linear encoder feedback and long-life linear motion guide bearings for extremely smooth motion and exceptional servo system sensitivity.

With a nominal width of 165 mm and ten travel range options from 100 mm to 1 metre, the new stages can handle payloads up to 45 kg, speeds to 2 m/sec and acceleration to 3g with sub-micron level repeatability. Available in standard accuracy grade to ± 4 microns or with Aerotech’s certified HALAR option to ± 1.5 microns, the PRO165LM series is aimed at challenging applications such as laser processing and MEMS micromachining where superior manufacturing quality, rapid production throughput, long service life and low maintenance are of primary importance.

A choice of standard linear encoders includes 0.1 micron line driver or amplified sine output alternatives to provide a practical system resolution down to 250 nanometres. Aerotech’s cog-free brushless servomotors provide exceptionally high force output combined with very smooth motion and excellent in-position stability. Matched performance servo drives with ±320 VDC bus voltages are available across Aerotech’s range of motion controllers.

Sealed linear motion guide bearings and a high stiffness base plate system help to guarantee the load handling capability, the rigidity and the long service life capability of the PRO165LM series. MTBF life is specified at 20 000 hours across the range.

The rugged Teflon impregnated tabletop and hard top way cover provides full protection from hot sparks and machining debris, and tensioned side straps effectively seal the internal bearing system, motor and encoder. The hard top sealing system has been used extensively across Aerotech’s range of linear positioning stages and has proven to be much more effective that bellows type stage sealing.

The PRO165LM series can be supplied in X-Y, XZ or YZ configurations with orthogonality certified to 5 arc-secs. The versatility built into the stage design includes a selection of tabletop plates that include mounting patterns with steel inserts for Aerotech ADRS and AGR series rotary stages as well as standard metric (or inch) plates. All stage travel and mounting configurations have a chain type cable management option for ease of installation into the customers’ system.

To complement the performance of the PRO165LM series stages, Aerotech manufactures a wide range of advanced motion controls and servo amplifiers. The A3200 Digital Automation Platform is a Windows based software-only controller for up to 32 axes of Firewire interfaced high performance motion and machine control and includes optional HMI, PLC and vision control modules. It is programmable in a choice of languages including powerful .NET, RS-274 G-code, high level AeroBASIC or optional LabVIEW.

The A3200’s distributed control architecture delivers fully deterministic motion updates to Aerotech’s Ndrive servo drives that process motion and I/O commands at bandwidths up to 20 KHz. Additional Ethernet 10/100 Base T interfaced third party I/O and PLC’s may be added to Ndrives for further system expansion.

The PRO165LM is also available for use with Aerotech’s multi axis Ensemble Epaq - a desktop or 19 inch rack mounted system with integral linear or PWM stage amplifiers, or stepper drives and a full complement of machine I/O. It is capable of controlling up to 6 axes of motion and machine control internally with the possibility of adding a further three external drives. For single axis applications, Aerotech’s Soloist can provide high performance motion control with integrated servo drive and the possibility for Ethernet based multi-axis control.

Aerotech motion systems are delivered fully tested with all motor power and encoder cables plus performance and calibration related documents. For straightforward commissioning, a delivery pack with interconnection drawings and all motor parameter set-up data for the system is provided along with product training and comprehensive on-line technical support.

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