HMS introduces Anybus RemoteCom

09 February 2010

HMS Industrial Networks introduces Anybus RemoteCom, a new industrial GSM/GPRS based device for remote monitoring and control, alarm management and data logging.

With Anybus RemoteCom you can simplify remote supervision and control of automation devices, minimise downtime and provide accurate information anywhere, anytime. The device eliminates the need for the costly practice of sending service personnel around the globe for problem solving. Furthermore, HMS Industrial Network provides a unique service: A central web server is provided to enable easy and transparent global network management through a single interface.

Anybus RemoteCom is an easy-to-use web gateway which acts as a Modbus bridge as well as providing remote access and control of serial devices over Ethernet, Internet, LANs, GSM, GPRS and telephone modems. The product has a built-in powerful web server to provide web-based access from a remote location, alarm management, data logging and trend graphs of field equipment data. The integrated alarm and status handler automatically notifies remote supervisors by email, SMS, SNMP and Modbus TCP if pre-defined limits are exceeded.

As an additional service, a secure central web server solution that expands the functionality of Anybus RemoteCom is provided. The central server's purpose is to manage, monitor and control remote field equipment. RemoteCom units connect to the central server to submit critical equipment data, such as logged parameter data and alarms. At the server an authorised user can view and manage this information. The only tool the user needs is a standard web browser. The use of one central location for all remote equipment simplifies the work for anyone dealing with remote installations. The user can easily and securely access devices anywhere in the world at anytime.

Anybus RemoteCom devices are available in a DIN-rail mountable IP20 rated plastic housing or in a rugged metal housing. They are powered by a single 9-28 Volt industrial power supply. Typical applications for Anybus RemoteCom are: Energy applications: For a building owner or user, energy consumption can be reduced by optimising automation processes in the building and making users and maintenance staff aware of where and when energy is consumed. Many examples show a 30 per cent decrease of energy consumption when this method is employed.

The remote management solutions gather energy information and provide understandable reports to the user about the energy consumption pattern in a process. This helps to reduce energy and save money.

Power generation: A generator may not run often but when it is needed, it can be critical. Anybus
RemoteCom can constantly monitor the health, readiness and performance position of the generator.

Industrial automation: To connect new or legacy devices such as PLCs, process control equipment, pump controllers, bar-code readers/scanners, operator displays, scales and weighing stations and much more. By always being in control of the machine or manufacturing facility it is possible to increase productivity, improve inventory management and to detect and cut unnecessary costs.

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