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Low Power Loss Lighting Controller from Stemmer

12 January 2010

The new RT Series of lighting controllers from Gardasoft use 'SafePower' - a new technology that adjusts the output voltage to the lighting system separately from the input voltage.

A key advantage of this technology is the ability to use an existing or standard power supply without needing to take special consideration of the voltage requirements of the LED and controller combination. Allowing the use of a master PSU 24V equipment in a cabinet reducing deployment and upfront costs and dramatically. This technology also provides a reduction of power dissipated within the controller and subsequently any heat generated allowing easier and simpler cabinet design. This technology is in addition to the excellent illumination/automation control provided by the Gardasoft range.

The first products to be based on SafePower technology are the 2 channel, 20A, RT200-20 (with an LCD display) and the RT220-20 (with an Ethernet interface and no LCD display). Variants that offer exposure time of less than 20 Microseconds, the RT200F-20 (with an LCD display) and the RT220F-20 (with an Ethernet interface and no LCD display) are also available. 

The RT260-20 (with an RS232 interface and no LCD display) and the RT260F-20 for exposure times of less than 20 Microseconds are also available as upgrades to LFC612 and LFC612F models. These two 2-channel models also operate at up to 20A.

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