SEW Eurodrive adds to its decentralised drive technology – with ‘good and simple’ MOVIGEAR variations

Author : M Babb

09 December 2009

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives trade fair in Nürnberg, SEW-Eurodrive was showing two new variants of its MOVIGEAR® decentralised mechatronic drive systems: MOVIGEAR® binary for stand-alone applications and MOVIGEAR® AS-Interface with a simple fieldbus connection. The company also had on hand some large new sizes of its Servomotor CMP.

Claus Wieder shows the new MOVIGEAR® variations, for standalone and AS-i operation.
Claus Wieder shows the new MOVIGEAR® variations, for standalone and AS-i operation.

In many industries with materials handling processes, such as the automotive and beverage industries, as well as logistics applications, the requirements for materials handling equipment are becoming more demanding as well as increasingly specific, explained SEW Eurodrive's Claus Wieder, Manager, Geared Motors and AC Drives.

It is for this reason that his company developed the MOVIGEAR drive system: to handle these new requirements.

This drive system is a “mechatronic” product in that combines the motor, gear unit, frequency inverter and communication system all in one compact housing.

This drive solution is particularly suited to the energy-efficient operation of horizontal materials handling systems, he says.

In this area, in addition to networked transport systems with multiple drives, there are also numerous individual applications with small machines or simple conveyors that require a reliable and energy-efficient drive that can be started up easily on location.

The construction sector also offers many interesting application areas: Small agitators, mixers, crushers and shredders sometimes require high overload capacity. The mechatronic drive system is specially designed to handle these types of applications.

Stand-alone operation

For stand-alone applications, SEW-Eurodrive developed MOVIGEAR® binary.
This solution can be started up quickly and easily using a DIP switch and a potentiometer – without the need for a PC.

For applications with constant velocity, users can adjust the fixed speeds and ramps. The system includes an interface for additional diagnostics and parameter input.

Using the binary inputs, the unit can be controlled using either a central PLC or locally with on-site or manual operation.

For safety-related applications, all MOVIGEAR® variants include a standard integrated safety feature that functions as an STO (safe stop).

Economical fieldbus connection

The MOVIGEAR® AS-Interface variant facilitates simple and economical connection to the fieldbus using a standard AS interface.

This version of the drive system also allows for the use of configurable fixed speeds and ramps.

In addition, external sensors that can either be processed directly or transmitted to a higher-level controller via the AS interface can be connected. The binary inputs make it possible to operate the system on-site or manually.

This MOVIGEAR variant also comes equipped with an interface for diagnostics and parameter input as well as an integrated safety feature (STO).

MOVIGEAR® AS-Interface makes it possible to establish a simple fieldbus connection, which makes it particularly well suited for applications that need to be expanded.

A typical application area is materials handling equipment in logistics, for example roller conveyors, belt conveyors, pallet conveyors and rotary tables.

CMP Servomotors

SEW Eurodrive has also done some work in expanding its line of CMP Servomotors. which were also on display in the company’s stand at the SPS show.

Mr. Wieder says these compact drives are used for labeling in the beverage industry or driving low-mass axes in the area of packaging technology.

“In combination with the MOVI-PLC controller, they are excellent for use in palletizing or stacking applications as well for loading and unloading processing machines,” he says.

The company has extended its CMP series to include larger servomotors in sizes 40, 50, 63, 71, 80 and 100. These servomotors can be used to create drive solutions with peak torques of up to 178.8 Nm.

Installation space in machines or plants is often limited, especially in the food industry.

“As a result of modern manufacturing technology and our innovative motor design, the servomotors of the CMP series allow for a compact mounting position,” says Mr. Wieder. “This way, it is sometimes possible to replace an existing CM with a smaller model in the same application.”

Claus Wieder shows the new MOVIGEAR® variations, for standalone and AS-i operation.

This is the largest of the new CMP series servomotors, size 100.

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