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Schneider Electric uses biometric technology

08 December 2009

Schneider Electric has launched the UK's first totally standalone biometric switch dedicated to access control for industrial process or building applications.

The Harmony Biometric switch has been designed to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing certain areas or controls that may cause them or the running process a danger. Instead of a traditional key that can be lost and used by unauthorised staff, or passwords which are often forgotten, the Harmony Biometric switch can only be operated by a user with their thumb or finger print.

Up to 200 unique prints can be stored within the compact unit and, depending on the level of experience and training, staff can be granted master or user control. In addition, the biometric switch can be used alongside a key so the master user can choose to disable the switch; denying access to everyone.

A unique pattern from Schneider Electric is embedded in the device so all control operations can be managed through its intuitive touch screen menu and the two levels of rights user and administrator brings easiness during the add or delete operations. In addition, for ease of installation and location, the Harmony Biometric switch can be placed in a standard 22mm cut-out.

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