Quality and traceability for eco ovens

10 November 2009

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA), based in Prescot, UK is a white goods manufacturer, making cooking appliances under the Stoves, Belling and New World brands, as well as Lec cooling products. The company recently implemented a testing system to provide traceability and quality control functions for a new range of induction hobs and ovens during their production cycle.

GDHA uses Clare testers on the production line to test the electrical safety testing of induction hobs and ovens
GDHA uses Clare testers on the production line to test the electrical safety testing of induction hobs and ovens

This month GDHA launched a collection of induction products, including the BI60i Eco Induction Oven which uses 50 per cent less energy than an A rated oven. The company turned to test equipment manufacturer, Clare in a bid to ensure product safety and install four HAL testers on its production lines.

HALs undertake accurate and high speed ramp DC testing during the final production stage, ensuring that the unit is completely safe for use by the consumer when it leaves the factory gates.

Specifically configured to undertake earth bond, flash (HIPOT), load, continuity and live to neutral electrical testing, HALs also help ensure consistent quality control throughout the production process.

The result is that every product is tested in every mode and the new test configuration enables all products, whether they are destined for domestic or professional markets in the UK or abroad, to be tested by the same test procedure on any production line.The Clare testers also ensure that the cookers meet safety compliance requirements of the low voltage directive and all major international standards including EN 50191 and EN 50106.

Dave Connelly, technical projects engineer at GDHA, said testing using the HALs has helped the company launch its new induction technology appliances. “The HAL is an excellent and versatile instrument, providing fast, efficient and reliable safety testing of our products, saving time and money in the process. It’s also enables us to test more intelligently.”

Clare’s HAL flash/HiPot tester, HAL Scan multi point flash/HiPot tester and scanner and the HAL Combi four function electrical safety tester are all equipped with specialist technology to simplify test programming, by employing bar codes as part of a system providing full test results traceability.

Tests can be quickly configured into the tester by scanning in pre-defined bar codes that operate as test codes, making the equipment ideal for any ISO traceable application in quality control, conformance, or production line testing applications.

These pre-defined bar codes can be generated directly from the test equipment on adhesive labels, using the Test and Tag printer, or from proprietary Microsoft PC applications. These barcodes can be incorporated into live test procedure documents or the manuals required as part of ISO quality systems.

Specialist software and a large capacity internal database give the new generation of test instruments the ability to store test details and results against individual equipment serial numbers. Test reports can be downloaded directly to a PC or printer for the production of complete test data records.

In addition, the networking of test data with central management information systems allows the test station to become an important MIS data collection point, not only in identifying failure rates, but also by providing details of productivity levels and other information as part of quality audit trails.

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