Stainless steel processing: from rough sanding to mirror polish

10 November 2009

FEIN presents a new stainless steel range encompassing power tools and accessory sets for machining stainless steel.

The angle grinder FEIN WSG 14-70 E, sanding polisher WPO 14-25 E and eight stainless steel sets are all co-ordinated to typical applications in industry and manual trades. The FEIN power tools and stainless steel sets can be used to quickly overcome all the challenges faced when machining surfaces.

Banking on FEIN’s experience when machining stainless steel surfaces
Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing and opens up numerous design options. The machining of stainless steel is a growing market for locksmiths, steel and tank construction, machine building, shipbuilding and the construction of commercial kitchens. Various machines and tools are usually required to achieve the surface quality required. FEIN has spent decades working closely with users to develop power tools and accessories for metalworking. The stainless steel sets are co-ordinated to the power tool used, the application and the result required and can be combined on a modular basis.

Power tool / accessory set combination
FEIN has developed power tool and accessory solutions fit for machining stainless steel. The FEIN angle grinder WSG 14-70 E and the FEIN sanding polisher WPO 14-25 E have been designed with manual trades and industry in mind and are characterised by their extreme robustness, performance, handling and safety. When buying angle grinders, customers can choose from two stainless steel sets while there are six sanding polisher sets for grinding, satin-finishing and polishing. FEIN’s pipe sanders and straight grinders and GRIT belt grinders round off the stainless steel range from FEIN.

Stainless steel machining of surfaces
Stainless steel surfaces are ground smoothly, satin-finished or polished to a mirror finish. For work involving the machining of surfaces FEIN provides angle grinders and sanding polishers with electronically adjustable speed. When combined with one of the standard stainless steel sets and one of the four specialisation sets, they produce optimum surface results. FEIN application solutions are used when dirt needs to be effectively removed, material needs to be coarsely ground or rough welding seams, scratches or tarnishing need removing. FEIN can also supply accessory sets for satin-finishes, preparing for polishing and polishing to mirror finish levels.

Stainless steel machining of pipes and profiles
Tools have to be perfectly matched to the surface in order to grind welded seams on pipes and profiles without damaging the neighbouring surfaces. Pipe bends, found in say the construction of railings, can be economically satin-finished and polished to a high gloss finish using FEIN’s application solutions without having to be disassembled. When machining straight pipes and profiles, use FEIN stainless steel sets designed to be combined with the FEIN angle grinders, sanding polishers and pipe sanders. The GRIT by FEIN brand produces modular belt grinders for volume production work in manual trades and industry. If combined with different grinding belts, they can even produce individual grinding patterns.

Stainless steel machining of corners and edges
Some of the most demanding jobs encountered in stainless steel machining include the professional grinding and polishing of corners and edges. FEIN power tools deliver impressive handling in this type of application. FEIN power tools like straight grinders are very robust and powerful. They make light work of grinding transitions, cleaning, removing tarnishing and deburring difficult-to-reach spots

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