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No more missing cables!

01 October 2009

The MDM300 portable dew-point hygrometer from Michell is not only light and easy to use, it also solves the problem tangled or missing cables. Read more

A replacement for the popular Cermax II, the MDM300 uses the latest Bluetooth technology to provide wireless communications for instrument set-up and for downloading logged data. This means no more arriving to take a field measurement only to discover that the cables have been misplaced or are in a hopelessly tangled mess. With the MDM300 engineers can get on with the job quickly and with no fuss or long set up time.

The MDM300 has been designed to allow all operations to be carried out while the instrument is held in both hands to help increase the comfort of the engineer in the field. All the measurement parameters are available at the touch of a button and the password protected set-up menu is simply to navigate and intuitive to use.

A number of cost-effective and easily-portable sampling systems are available for the MDM300 to ensure accurate measurements and help prolong the life of the sensor. These range from simple fixed orifices for low pressure measurement all the way to high-quality configurable sampling systems for pressures up to 400 BarG, designed for use in natural gas and other demanding process environments.

To maximize flexibility, external sensors can be easily connected and used to measure and display pressure and temperature. These parameters can also be used to provide pressure and temperature compensated measurements improving accuracy and allowing users to choose from a range of measurement parameters.

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