Code Mercenaries ships a USB to I2C dongle

22 September 2009

The IO-Warrior24 based dongle offers a simple and easy to use solution to connect I2C devices via a USB port. It handles connecting sensors, service interfaces and test and evaluation circuits.

The I2C master interface operates at 100 kHz and allows a throughput of up to 750 bytes/s. Handshaking via clock stretching is supported as well as a programmable timeout to prevent the dongle from hanging due to misbehaving slaves.

A special mode to talk to Sensirion humidity sensors is available too.

The IOW24-DG dongle is available at Euro 25 (excl. VAT) and is shipped as a set consisting of the assembled and tested PCB, a four wire cable and two part dongle case. The cable can be soldered to the dongle PCB, allowing flexible pinout to fit the customers application. 5 V and 3.3 V are also available to power small external circuits like sensors.

To allow compatibility with 3.3 V slaves the internal pull up resistors can be switched off under software control. The dongle PCB has solder pads for pull up resistors and protection diodes to 3.3 V on the back side.

The mechanical dimensions of the IOW24-DG dongle are within the limits for a USB standard plug. This prevents the dongle from blocking adjacent ports and allows multiple dongles to be used on a single computer or USB hub without losing ports.

Since the dongle is based on a standard IO-Warrior24 chip the software and development tools for IO-Warrior are useable for the dongle as well. This makes support for Linux, MacOS, and Windows as well as for many development systems available. No specific drivers are required, the dongle works with standard system drivers.

Technical Data
• I2C-Master at 100 kHz
• Based on IO-Warrior24
• Throughput up to 750 Byte/s
• 3.3 V voltage regulator on board
• 5 V and 3.3 V for external circuit available
• Internal 5 V pull up resistors can be switched off
• Clock stretching handshake and programmable timeout supported
• Uses standard system drivers
• Compatible with IO-Warrior tools and software
• Standard conforming size, no lost ports
• Single unit in blister pack, bulk packaging optional
• OEM versions possible

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