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Medway offers same day delivery of ABB 3.3kV medium voltage motors

22 September 2009

Medway Electric Motor Centre can now offer ABB medium voltage (MV) motors from stock, cutting the normal lead time from 20 weeks to one day. End users now have a viable alternative to rewinding failed motors, giving them all the benefits of a new motor without the wait. Read more

As the first ever stockist of ABB MV motors Medway now carries the entire range of Process Performance motors up to and including 1MW in 2, 4 and 6 pole solutions.

The motors can be supplied on the same day or next day delivery from Medway’s warehouse in Chatham, Kent.

Iain Smith, ABB Machines Sales Manager in the UK, says: “In the past, operators of medium voltage motors have had only two options when faced with a breakdown – either rewind or wait around 20 weeks to source a new motor. With Medway now stocking these motors, users have the option of getting a new replacement in much less time than it takes to repair the failed motor.

“Also, if the failure is a major one, involving the rotor and stator, the cost of the repair may exceed the cost of a new motor. Buying new has always been the preferred option for users and Medway’s stock now makes this a realistic alternative.”

The ABB Process Performance motor range has been developed specifically for end users who require a pre-engineered, extremely reliable, high efficiency and low noise product suitable for a wide range of applications including pumps, fans, compressors and extruders.

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