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3DX-Ray provides quality control for Boston Power

11 September 2009

Boston Power’s new Sonata lithium-ion battery offers the longest battery warranty available for any notebook PC provider, and so its production line had to employ quality control that delivered precision, detection and reliability.

The system they installed was the DEX HRS, an x-ray vision and analysis tool from 3DX-RAY Limited. It offers 100% verification and six sigma-level quality precision on each of the 300,000 batteries that will be manufactured each month.

The DEX HRS offers the greatest image clarity and precision of any system in its class. It can measure linear distances and alignments with extraordinary accuracy, as well as checking the integrity of electrical circuits and misaligned or imperfect components and connections. With a rotation and translation stage incorporated, full 360o inspection of the component can take place in seconds. The data it produces is linked to a QC/SPC system.

The system is suitable for all battery and fuel cell types including alkaline, zinc-carbon/ zinc-chloride, lithium, lead-acid nickel, hydrogen/oxygen, hydrocarbons, alcohol, air, chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

The Sonata battery is based on a ground-breaking new battery cell that offers the longest lasting and fastest charging power supply available. Although it will eventually be used across a wide range of applications, its first use is on HP’s Enviro Series program notebooks where it not only provides a three year warranty but is expected to deliver an “as new” battery charge throughout this time.

The lithium-ion batteries that power the portable devices consumers rely upon - laptops, PDAs and mobile phones - have reached a critical point in their evolution. Consumer demand for longer-lasting batteries continues to rise. However, the industry's drive for higher performance and lower cost has come at the expense of quality and – ultimately – safety. Because of the assurances provided by the DEX HRS system, Sonata lithium-ion will be able to help feed the growth in demand for safe and plentiful low-cost power.

3DX-Ray is a world leader in x-ray technology and its equipment can be used as a laboratory tool or on a production line. It can even be wheeled around a factory to cope with the fast-changing demands of a modern production environment.

Nick Fox, MD of 3DX-RAY commented “We are incredibly pleased to have proved that our x-ray technology and QC abilities work so well in the rapidly expanding $56 billion battery market. DEX HRS is daily proving its ability in round-the-clock use in Boston Power’s major installation in Taiwan. This area of battery technology is predicted to be the main growth area for several years to come.”

The DEX HRS system can be used for general purpose inspection, and is suitable for applications ranging from non-destructive testing and QC through to product analysis and the verification of complex assemblies. It has a full role to play in QC, R&D, laboratory and NDT environments.

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