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Testo Extends Thermal Imaging Camera Range

11 September 2009

New Testo 875 and Testo 881 provide precise analysis and reliable documentation for professional industrial thermography.

Anomalies in production processes often lead to costly downtimes. Defective components, e.g. in switch cabinets, can cause fires. With the new thermal imagers from Testo, materials are tested completely non intrusively, thereby identifying problems before malfunctions or fire risks occur. Even the smallest temperature differences can be identified with extreme accuracy with the high temperature resolution of the new Testo thermal imagers and exchangeable lenses ensure that the right image section is always visible in the imager display. The additionally integrated digital camera considerably facilitates documentation. With the Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition, critical temperature conditions are marked, ensuring uninterrupted error localisation on site. In addition, multiple-page thermography reports can also be created quickly and easily with the PC software.

The Testo 875 and Testo 881 thermal imaging cameras are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications:

Electrical maintenance work
In low, middle and high-voltage systems, thermographic images allow early recognition of defective components, so that the required preventative steps can be taken in a targeted manner. This minimises the dangerous risk of fire and avoids costly production downtimes. Documentation of the results plays a particularly important part in preventative maintenance. The Testo 875 and the Testo 881 offer integrated measurement site management for the structuring of inspection routes. In addition to the infrared recording, a real image of the measurement site can be recorded with the integrated digital camera. The power LEDs of the Testo 881 also illuminate dark areas. The Testo 881 also includes a headset with a speech function. During the inspection route, distinctive features can be stored with the infrared image directly as a spoken commentary.

Preventative mechanical maintenance
A reliable early recognition of developing damage to process-relevant system components is important in order to guarantee high security and reliability of the machines. A high level of heat emissions may indicate an elevated level of stress for individual components, especially for mechanical components. With its high temperature resolution of < 80 mK, the Testo 881 provides an exact diagnosis. Critical heat statuses can be identified directly in the instrument using the isotherm function and preventative measures taken.

Reliable high-temperature measurement
The measuring range of the Testo 881 thermal imager can be flexibly extended up to 550 °C using the high temperature option.

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