Entry-level power monitoring device measures energy

Author : M Babb

04 September 2009

The Sentron PAC3100 Power Monitoring Device records energy consumption and measures basic electrical values such as current, voltage, power, and frequency in low-voltage power distribution. It is designed for the lower price range and it is the only device in its class with digital inputs and outputs and an integrated communications interface.

Siemens Sentron PAC3100
Siemens Sentron PAC3100

Easy installation and commissioning make the Sentron PAC3100 the ideal entry-level device for digital measurements in industry, non-residential buildings, and infrastructure. The monitoring device satisfies IEC61557-12, the new standard for power monitoring devices, along with its high requirements for operation characteristic and electrical safety, for example.

The instrument records the power and basic electrical values such as current, voltage, power, and frequency in three and four-wire networks.

It can be directly connected in low-voltage systems up to a rated voltage of 277VL-N /480VL-L. Higher voltages are measured using voltage transformers.

Two energy meters measure the active and reactive energy, which can be set for supply, output, or balance respectively. The active energy is recorded with a measuring inaccuracy of less than one percent. It has a variety of certifications for worldwide use.

Removable terminals, combined latching holder, and the overall depth of only 51 mm make it easy to install in 96x96 mm format. With its front in IP65 degree of protection, the product designed for panel mounting is also suitable for use in harsh environments. 

The Sentron PAC3100 is parameterised directly on the unit with just a few settings. This is done using four function keys and a large graphical liquid crystal display, which also shows the measured values. Plain text displays in eight selectable languages support intuitive operator prompting.

An RS485 communications interface with open Modbus RTU protocol transfers the measured values.

The power monitoring device has two digital inputs and two digital outputs as additional interfaces. The digital inputs with internal power supply can be used for status monitoring. They also allow relay contacts to be connected without their own power supply.

The multi-functional digital outputs can be programmed as active or reactive energy pulses, or used as a switching output for telecontrol via Modbus RTU.

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