Managing torque data

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04 September 2009

The Norbar® ‘T-Box’ is a data management tool for all torque controlled tools. It allows users to move beyond the simple measurement and collection of data; they can plan to improve processes and their torque control.

The T-Box, together with the Torque Data Management System software, allows simple processing of data for analysis and retrieval and can print calibration certificates.

The bright red hand held and bench mounted torque measuring instrument has a colour touch screen interface. It enables ‘click,’ dial, and electronic torque wrenches, stall tools, pulse tools, hydraulic torque wrenches and clutch tools to be calibrated by a touch of the screen. The specially developed ‘Pulse Tool Mode’ uses a mathematical algorithm to accurately determine the output torque of impulse tools.

The graphical display of joint profiles allows the detailed analysis of torque tool performance and joint characteristics. It has the facility to connect to four ‘SMART’ transducers, including those with an angle capability.

Most transducers with mV/V output can be programmed into the T-Box memory, simplifying and streamlining the use of non ‘SMART’ transducers allowing the instrument to be used beyond torque applications, for example, load and pressure. 

The T-Box has two USB ports, one RS232 serial port and an ancillary connection and comes supplied with a comprehensive kit including cables to help users operate the equipment.

Users of Norbar tools will find the pre-loaded ‘tool templates’ allows them to simply assign individual tools to perform calibrations to the relevant standard.
The company has also built in a simple tool template creator for non-Norbar tools.  With the ISO calibration mode selected, T-Box will guide the user through each step of ISO 6789, the standard for calibrating torque wrenches.

The Torque Data Management System (TDMS) PC software uses the output of T-Box’s large memory capacity for archiving of test, calibration and graphical results.  It also enables the generation of calibration certificates and air pressure graphs for pneumatic tools.  TDMS will prompt for the return of tools at their allotted re-calibration period.

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