In-line connector for demanding applications

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04 September 2009

UTS In-Line is a connector designed to expand or repair links, and which assures a level of dynamic airtight sealing to IP68 or IP69K. It is a solution for especially demanding applications such as robotics and railway signaling. The screw contact termination variant makes it the ideal companion for installation engineers.

Souriau UTS In-Line connector
Souriau UTS In-Line connector

The connector is available in four sizes and 13 contact arrangements. It is available with crimp, solder, or screw contacts, and any one may be coupled with any other. A connector with screw contacts can be coupled to a connector with solder or screw contacts—this is what makes it particularly relevant to line extension repairs.

All combinations are possible: cable-to-cable with standard connector, wire-to-wire with grommet connector, or even wire-to-cable using both a standard connector and a grommet connector.

The compact, all-plastic connector has no square edge, allowing it to be easily inserted, for example, in a narrow sheath or in areas that are difficult to access. It can transmit low or high power (up to 26 amps), or a signal of just a few milliamps.

Like the rest of the UTS range, UTS In-Line seals to IP68 and IP69K. This gives it immersion stability to a depth of 10m and, in cleaning operations, to pressures of 140 bar. This sealing is also dynamic: in concrete terms, this means it is protected even when the cable is drawn in all directions.

The material, a high performance plastic, resists shock and vibration and offers excellent temperature performance (from -40 to +105 degrees Celsius). The connectors are also resistant to salt spray (up to 500 hours) and to ultraviolet light, which enhances their reliability in outdoor applications.

UTS In-Line is also fitted with an ergonomic TRIM TRIO® closing mechanism—an interlocking third-of-a-turn bayonet with a sensitive, audible click that guarantees a good connection. It is good for 250 operations and supports the following networks: Ethernet 10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX, 1000 BaseT, Cat5e (TIA/EIA 568B) and D class (ISO/IEC 11801).

The UTS range is part of the TRIM TRIO® family. The sockets are common to all TRIM TRIO® connectors, as are the contacts. This results in complete freedom to design a connector with several different types of contact—signal, power and high-speed (Coaxial, fibre optic).

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