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New Leister Blower Controller

04 September 2009

Leister the Swiss designer and manufacturer of hot air systems prides itself on the continued development of innovative solutions for hot air applications.

New to the Leister range sees the introduction of the Frequency Converter (FC550) for the control of air speed when used with the Leister range of blowers. Designed with ease of implementation as a key priority, the FC550 can be added to existing or new installations to make the system perform up to 60 per cent more effectively.

The FC550 enables the blower to turn faster than the mains supply will allow, increasing blower performance by operating at 60Hz rather than the 50Hz provided by mains supply.

The FC550 is compatible with Leister Robust, Silence and Aso blowers where adding the converter means air volumes and heating performance can be set independently from each other, again ensuring even better hot air performance.

Air volume changes can now be pre-programmed so that hot air can be applied within a clearly defined time window. For the rest of the time the air volume can be minimised and the heating performance switched off.

Overall system costs are reduced as the FC5500 allows smaller or fewer blowers to be used, because multiple air heaters can be connected to a single blower.

Applications for Leister Industrial hot air tools are wide and varied and can be used in a variety of applications such as food and drinks production, shrinking, drying, preheating and sterilisation.

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