Modbus to Profibus Gateway for Modicon M340

Author : M Babb

05 September 2009

ProSoft Technology® has released a new gateway designed with special features to better support and integrate with Schneider Electric® Modicon® M340TM processors. The new SE gateway, designated 5204SE-MNET-PDPMV1, uses Modbus TCP/IP protocol to connect an M340 with a Profibus DP-V1 Master.

SE gateway for Modicon M340
SE gateway for Modicon M340

It provides two advantages to M340 users, both made possible by a new feature integrated within the ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) software called Application Communication Logic (ACL). These advantages are 1) a new and simplified method for setup and integration of cyclic communication between the processor and gateway, and 2) acyclic pass-through messaging for processor-to-slave communication.

1. ACL integration
 ProSoft Configuration Builder manages configuration files in a graphical, tree-structured layout, with online help to define configuration parameters and database configuration. With the new ACL functions, the burden of creating Unity Pro cyclic and acyclic communication logic has been removed from the end user and integrated within PCB software.

The ProSoft Configuration Builder automatically generates Unity Pro version 4.0 Derived Function Blocks (DFBs)— files that contain all of the application-specific communication logic and gateway configuration files needed for integrating Modicon M340 programmable controllers with Profibus DP networks.. These application-specific files can then be imported into the UnityTM Pro version 4 software without the need for modifications, eliminating the burden of writing communication message logic.

2. ACL pass-through function
The Application Communication Logic functions also support advanced Profibus DP-V1 acyclic ‘pass-through’ messaging. This allows an M340 to communicate directly with Profibus DP slaves on the network, to access special slave features, and to get extended slave diagnostics and process data. Because ACL automatically generates these files, the burden of writing communication message logic is lifted from the Schneider Electric user, who may not be familiar with Profibus DP-V1 communication protocol requirements.

Furthermore, ACL allows the gateway to be integrated into both a Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet network and a Profibus DP network with minimal engineering and programming effort for faster deployment  with fewer programming errors.

These features reduce engineering demands and time-to-deployment while creating a more tightly integrated and secure network infrastructure. They allow Schneider Electric programmers to use the M340’s native Modbus TCP/IP protocol to integrate Profibus slave devices into their control systems without requiring extensive knowledge of the Profibus DP protocol. This gateway allows the programmer to reduce the overall time required for integration and deployment of their system.

All ProSoft Technology products come with a three year warranty and unlimited technical support.

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