Cutting limescale in cement production

28 July 2009

Urumieh White Cement Co, in Azarbayjan, Iran recently turned to Hydropath to tackle limescale build-up, a side effect of its production process. The cement manufacturer produces 14,400 tons of clinker and 15,000 tons of white cement a month for domestic and commercial use in the Middle East.

Water is an essential part of the cement production process and as the factory is based in a hard water area, resultant scale build up was a problem and affected the efficiency of the production equipment.

The management decided to trial Hydropath physical water conditioning technology and installed two AquaKlear units at the site. They chose one P120 unit and one P160 unit to tackle the limescale problem on the main supply and return line.

Water is used in the plant to cool the gearboxes and bearings with a heat exchanger in grind and kiln. It is also sprayed directly onto the cement in the Conditioning Tower before furnace, pumped into the cooling tower and feeds a steam boiler that is used for fuel steam tracing in winter.

Hydropath provides an electronic device that prevents various problems, which occur in water. The technology is able to induce a propagating electric field in a pipe system without using electrodes. The system induces an electric current at AM frequencies (between 100 and 200 KHZ) up and down the water flow for ranges of hundreds of meters.

The transmission is carried out with random breaks in fading sinus waves so that the entire range of salts in the water can be treated. The Hydropath Technology electric field produces crystal nuclei in a saturated solution, as well as in unsaturated solutions. This process attracts charged ions and forms stable crystal nuclei.

The electrical attraction pull between these nuclei increases as long as more ions join and a stable crystal is formed. The size of the crystals is between .05 and 50 microns and they flow in the water as a suspension without settling on the walls of the pipe. As a result, there is a decrease in the level of the saturated solution in the water, triggering a process in which the existing limescale in the pipe system is dissolved until the lines are completely clean.

The system complies with European and Canadian safety standards and its electrical system has been tested and approved by the Standards Institution. Its computerised plant manufacturing processes comply with the ISO 9000 Standard.

Hydropath claims that within five months the AquaKlear units had proved their worth. Limescale build-up was no longer an issue and existing deposits had begun to break down.

Nima Sato of Sabalan
Hydrochem, a Hydropath distributor in Iran said: "This chemical-free technology has a myriad of uses throughout industry, wherever water is used. It saves customers like Urumieh White Cement Co. many times its purchase cost in terms of energy and chemical bills, staff time as well as maximising efficiency.

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