Brewery back on track with EMR

28 July 2009

A motor failure that sparked a Bank Holiday nightmare for Fuller Smith and Turner’s Griffin brewery was solved by EMR Silverthorn who came to the rescue with an ABB replacement. A 200kW motor in the glycol based cooling plant of the brewery in Chiswick, UK failed at noon on the Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Fuller Smith and Turner’s Griffin brewery
Fuller Smith and Turner’s Griffin brewery

The motor, which ABB was at pains to stress was not one of its products, was used to drive a pump that pumps cooling fluid around the plant’s brewing vessels.

As soon as the motor failed, Jeff Hack-Davies, engineering team leader for the brewery, called ABB Motor Service Partner EMR Silverthorn based in Middlesex. "We had previous excellent service from EMR, so they were our first port of call," says Hack-Davies. "They have a broad knowledge of motor applications and are a main distributor of ABB plant." The brewery uses 15 ABB motors, mainly on the glycol system.

EMR engineers went to the site and working with Fuller’s engineers removed the original motor, identified the fault and determined what type of motor they needed to obtain. They managed to source a suitable 200kW motor with a drip proof enclosure from ABB’s distribution facility in Menden, Germany. The motor was loaded onto a lorry to start an overnight journey to London.

Meanwhile, EMR engineers supervised the removal of the failed motor. The new motor arrived from Germany at 6am on the Bank Holiday Monday and by 3pm, Fuller’s engineers in conjunction with EMR engineers had it coupled up and working. Tuesday saw the motor being laser aligned to guarantee correct balanced operation.

Hack-Davies concluded: "We were ecstatic with the service that EMR Silverthorn provided us. The failed pump motor represented 40 per cent of our glycol pumping capacity and if the fault had occurred on another day could have had a serious impact on our production."

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