New ABB orifice flow meter

30 June 2009

The cost of installing orifice plate flow meters has been cut by up to 40% with the launch of ABB’s OriMaster Compact Orifice DP flow meter. The latest in ABB’s new FlowMaster range, the OriMaster is a one-piece flow meter.

Suitable for clean liquids, gases and steam applications in line sizes from 1" to 8” (DN25 to DN200) and at pressures up to 100 bar, the OriMaster combines all the major components needed for an orifice plate installation in one assembly. This eliminates the need for users to design, source and install a separate manifold, transmitter and impulse piping, typically cutting the cost of installation and commissioning by up to 40%.

Recent fugitive emission legislation has placed additional responsibilities on users to minimize leakage from their processes. OriMaster's design greatly assists operators to comply.

Featuring an integrated ABB DP transmitter and manifold design, OriMaster offers a number of key benefits. Its short integral impulse paths simplify installation, and by eliminating up to 80% of the potential leak points, greatly reduces both fugitive emissions (at threaded connections and compression fittings) and also the metering errors caused by such leakage.

The OriMaster’s all-in-one design also offers enhanced accuracy and a faster speed of response, with no problems caused by issues such as long or blocked impulse lines, or impaired signals due to condensation in gas system impulse lines or gas bubbles in liquid lines.

Installing the OriMaster is simplified by its wafer design orifice carrier assembly, enabling it to be fitted into an existing space between standard pipe flanges with minimal disruption to the surrounding pipework. This makes it suitable for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) applications, by enabling fast and simple replacement with no cutting or welding required.

Incorrect centralisation of orifice devices can cause additional metering errors of up to 3%.These measurement in-accuracies due to incorrect plate alignment and bespoke traditional orifice system designs can cost operators thousands of pounds in service. To eliminate such errors, every OriMaster comes complete with a centralization tool, ensuring that the meter is correctly positioned in the pipeline within common flange specifications

The selection process is simplified by having just two orifice bores for each pipe size and versatility is ensured as the OriMaster is supplied in two versions - OriMaster V and OriMaster M.

OriMaster V is a designed for general purpose volume measurement, featuring a stainless steel transmitter housing and meter body. It provides an optional flow rate and total display as well as an analog output.

OriMaster M provides measurement directly in mass or corrected volume units. It uses ABB’s 267CS multivariable transmitter to measure differential pressure, temperature and pressure, providing an optional display and analog output. In addition to its stainless steel 316L body and alloy transmitter case, (which is optionally available in 316 stainless steel), OriMaster M can be supplied with an optional PT100 temperature sensing assembly mounted within the flow sensor, offering both simplified and more cost-effective installation.

Both the OriMaster V and OriMaster M have HART communications and the OriMaster M has the additional options of Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus or Modbus communications.

To further simplify the selection process, ABB supply a free sizing, selection and coding software tool to help users quickly turn their application into the best configuration of OriMaster for their needs. The software is available on-line or on CD.ABB has also produced Engineer’s on-line podcast DP technology tutorials and calculators for demonstrating project specific installation savings, huge in-service potential savings and reduction of fugitive emission paths.

Tony Hoyle ABB’s - UK Flow Products Manager says “The OriMaster is another major technology innovation from our FlowMaster Family it offers users’ the peace of mind and surety that the manufacturer has the responsibility for the orifice plate solution all in a fully pressure tested integral unit.”

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