Moog Unveils a “Breakthrough Actuation Concept”

26 June 2009

Moog’s Industrial Group has launched an actuation concept that it says makes its servomotor-driven servo-proportional valves exceed current performances. It is the valve itself, says Moog, that is at the heart of the technology breakthrough, and it is waiting to be tested at customer sites in Europe.

MOOG Industrial Group
MOOG Industrial Group

Although hydraulic servo- and proportional valves currently available on the market have supported numerous applications in a variety of industries for years, some applications didn’t further develop, according to Sherif El Henaoui, Moog’s European Marketing Manager.

They lacked a valve that could perform to their specific requirements.

“Moog has developed an actuation concept that enables the servomotor-driven servo-proportional valve to reach an unprecedented level of dynamics combining very high flow and high frequency bandwidth. It is particularly recommended for high performance applications such as test systems, die casting machinery and steel production,” he said

“This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise in applying a new concept to existing technology in a way that matches the needs of our industrial customers.

“Applications such as testing, and die casting using high frequencies and high amplitudes can now reach the higher dynamics they require to perform.

“High frequency, flow rates and pressure levels can now be combined as never before, opening up new actuation possibilities,” he said.

“We look forward to developing the new valve more extensively with our customers to create new applications based on dynamic closed-loop pressure or force and acceleration control. We can reach impressive dynamic characteristics such as a step response time of 2.5 ms, a phase lag of 45 degree at 150 Hz and +/- 90% amplitude with a maximum flow of 600l/min.

“The innovative concept is based on an optimised Moog Servo motor directly actuating the valve spool. This integrated design ensures that the valve response is independent from the supply and control pressure so it optimises energy and offers high dynamics with a minimum heat,” he said.

Moog’s Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc., designs and manufactures high performance motion control solutions combining electric, hydraulic and hybrid technologies.

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