Converter Switches go Universal to handle any Gigabit Media Type and Transmission Distance

10 June 2009

The 3 port CSG14U provides a 10/100/1000 auto-negotiating RJ45 copper port as standard.

It also allows users to make up the final two ports by simply plugging in different combinations of SFP, either gigabit fibre or 100Mb fibre transceivers.The new CSG14U provides users with a ready upgrade path to gigabit Ethernet performance without compromising on transmission distance.

Where gigabit Ethernet is in use, the CSG14U converts all media combinations, and allows industrial installations with multi-mode fibre to achieve 2000m gigabit connectivity that has previously only been available when using single-mode fibre cable.

The CSG14U product is available in an industrially hardened version for use on factory floors, and in a premium version rated to withstand outdoor temperature extremes. The design provides integral terminal blocks for 12, 24 or 48V DC power as standard, with the option of an external AC power supply. Further, the CSG14 can be supplied with a conformal coating to allow use in highly corrosive environments in the oil and gas industry, demanding power utility substations, and challenging applications in the likes of manufacturing, mining and transportation. Hardware is available for panel- or rack-mount installation.

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