Yokogawa supports ISA100.11a introducing new network platform

09 June 2009

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has thrown itself behind the ISA100.11a wireless communication standard, basing a new field digital network platform on the specification. The company claims its efforts will enhance productivity for its users as it will eliminate difficulties regarding incompatible wireless communication protocols.

According to Yokogawa, wireless networks offer a number of advantages to the process automation industry, including reduced wiring and engineering costs, the ability to install sensors in difficult-to-wire locations, and improved plant safety through the ability to perform low-cost online device diagnostics.

However, wireless networks have seen limited use to date in the process automation industry and Yokogawa thinks this is due to the requirement for advanced technologies to ensure high reliability, real-time response, environmental resistance, and explosion-proof protection, and also because of the use of incompatible wireless communication protocols.

Yokogawa is supporting development of the ISA100.11a standard claiming it offers high reliability to ensures safe production operations and information security. Furthermore it is based on IPv6 and can accommodate larger networks. The company went on to explain that the standard offers excellent compatibility with existing instrumented systems that use non-wireless protocols such as Foundation fieldbus, Hart, Profibus, and Modbus. Finally, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, from monitoring to control.

As a member of the ISA100 Standards Committee on Wireless Systems for Automation, Yokogawa engages in a wide range of activities to promote development of the ISA100.11a international standard. Yokogawa will also strengthen its expertise in field installations by conducting product testing in the field and proposing wireless applications. In addition, Yokogawa will develop systems products and field devices that comply with this standard, and plans to release them in the first half of the 2010 fiscal year.

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