The MSR145 datalogger now has 5x more capacity

03 June 2009

Now you can easily measure and record humidity, temperature, pressure, light and position/acceleration simultaneously over a whole year with the MSR145 mini datalogger from Swiss based MSR Electronics GmbH.

Th mini datalogger has a 900 mAh lithium-polymer battery and a light sensor.

Long-term measurements are often inevitable in order to get to the root of a problem. Only clear results allow the user to make a correct evaluation. In order to accommodate these requirements we have fitted the MSR145 datalogger with a 900 mAh battery providing a five times greater capacity over the standard battery. This allows you to easily record measurement parameters over a whole year and even over a period of up to two years, depending on the measurement rate.

New: Now also available with light sensor
The new light sensor integrated into the MSR145 mini datalogger allows for the brightness of a room to be constantly monitored. Combined with other relevant measurement parameters such as humidity, temperature, air pressure and motion, the users receive important data enabling them to keep costs in check and control energy consumption. This is a recurring issue for lessors of public buildings, open plan offices and between private tenants and landlords: Is it possible for the lessor to invest in optimal energy consumption measures and achieve longer-term depreciation of this investment? How can the tenant/lessee actively contribute to keeping ancillary costs down? Where and how exactly can savings be achieved? Using the light sensor (0 – 300 lux, max. sensitivity at 580 nm) for example, it is possible to monitor whether or not the light is turned off in commonly used rooms. In addition, the MSR145 is capable of detecting if shutters are closed – one method of causing the air-conditioning system to consume less power whilst maintaining the indoor climate at the predefined value. Aside from monetary and ecological aspects, well-being and comfort in rooms and buildings, particularly in schools, are of crucial importance too. After all, success and health depend to a large extent on a comfortable indoor climate. Dataloggers such as the MSR145 provide objective measurement values, giving you peace of mind with regard to the condition of your building.

Facilitates quality monitoring of critical products
The light, 3-axis acceleration, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors of the mini datalogger are also used in industrial applications. Today, datalogging is an essential requirement from manufacture right through delivery of a product to the end customer. The MSR Electronics dataloggers record all stages of production and transport so they can be traced. Meaningful data helps users to ensure the quality of their goods while minimising cost and safety risks. If for example, you want to find out if and when a package has been opened (by customs for example), the sensor will provide you with exact data through brightness logging.

MSR145: Small modular multi-talent
Currently there are no comparable dataloggers available that combine five measurement parameters in one small and handy single unit. A recording capacity of 2m measurement parameters means superior efficiency. Furthermore, the MS145 comes with optional 2 or 4 analogue inputs to connect traditional sensors. A sealed model is also available.

As Wendelin Egli, Dipl.-Ing. HTL, Head of Development of MSR Electronics GmbH says: β€œThe user selects the housing, battery, measurement parameters, number of internal sensors, any external sensors, plus any additional analogue inputs he requires and receives a custom datalogger built to his exact specifications.” Freely selectable measurement rates of up to 50 values per second guarantee uninterrupted documentation of rapid processes. All measurement parameters can be quickly transferred to a PC, both during recording and after completion of the measurement process, using a USB interface. The user-friendly data analysis software is offered free of charge to the customer.

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