All in the Swing

14 May 2009

Video analysis is a big part of golf instruction, as the naked eye can not dissect what the human body is doing through the golf swing, especially as the club head can be moving a 100mph. Basler Pilot GigE cameras are now being used to analyse the 'full swing'. At 210fps the Pilot is able to 'stop the action' and frame by frame show the position of the body and the clubhead against the ball at impact.

GigE Vision cameras are designed make megapixel solutions more accessible. Higher resolving power means more accurate results for a given field of view and this is creating solutions to applications that in the past would have been impossible or compromised. GigE also offers affordable cabling solutions, using standard Cat5e copper cable, with a maximum length of 100metres without repeaters. The Basler Pilot range incorporates CCD sensors ranging from VGA to five megapixels.

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