A smart relay for motor control centres

05 June 2009

New “smart” relay provides better protection and easier fault finding for motor control centres.

Aguilar Alves Maffissoni
Aguilar Alves Maffissoni

The SRW01 smart relay is a low voltage, electric motor management system designed to provide greater protection and quick and easy fault identification on intelligent motor control centres that have networking capabilities. It provides improved operator safety and the facility for fast and precise identification and recording of system faults.

The SRW01 allows installation of accessories such as current measuring units, Modbus RTU, and Profibus-DP communication modules, and also an HMI for monitoring and programming of the smart relay. In addition, at a higher level the SRW01 offers linking to a remote PC for setting parameters, programming, controlling and monitoring via ladder logic software. This provides greater transparency of the motor management system generally, and enables a remote record of fault instances to be logged for future statistical analysis.

The SRW01 can overcome instances of unplanned downtime with its comprehensive ranges of protection and monitoring functions. Major protection features include Overload (trip class 5-45), PTC, Phase loss and Over/undercurrent; while essential monitoring capabilities check the status of digital inputs and outputs, RMS current for each phase, the running hours of the relay, and the number of start-ups of the system.

Designed for use on power supplies from 110-240 Vac/Vdc, and current from 0.25A up to 840 A, the SRW01 can be used on different starting modes: direct-on-line, star-delta; transparent operation with motor protection disabled, and PLC mode, also with motor protection disabled. www.weg.net

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