At Hannover Messe: Siemens’ New IO Link Products

04 May 2009

Siemens's Industry Automation Division continues to add to its portfolio of IO Link products, of which two new ones were shown at the fair. One was a family of ultrasonic proximity switches that can sense up to 10 metres, and a Sirius motor starter—previously released with an AS-i interface—now equipped with IO Link communications.

Sirius 3RA6 compact starters with IO-Link
Sirius 3RA6 compact starters with IO-Link


Siemens's extended its range of Sirius 3RA6 compact starters to with an IO-Link model shown at Hannover Messe. The starter combines the function of a circuit breaker, an electronic overload relay and a contactor.

With the IO Link interface, up to four 3RA6 starters can be mounted side-by-side and send not only operating data but also diagnostic data to the control via the IO-Link protocol. This reduces the amount of wiring in the control circuit, and simplifies system-wide diagnostics.

The starters are linked via the standardised three-wire IO-Link to an IO-Link Master, for example to the electronic 4SI IO-Link module of the ET200S distributed I/O.

IO-Link replaces the control circuit wiring otherwise required for the four motor starters, so saving the user wiring costs.

Not only operating data but also signaling functions, such as short circuit and end of service life can be transmitted. This allows a high density of information, and simplifies system-wide diagnostics down to field level.

The Master sends diagnostic and operating data to a higher-level control, such as the Simatic S7. The WinCC flexible visualisation system can then display the diagnostic data as plain text on the Simatic HMI (Human Machine Interface). This locates faults very quickly so they can be rectified without delay, and thus raise system availability.

Sirius 3RA6 compact starters are available with AS-interface for sensors and actuators distributed in the field.


Siemens’ IO-Link sensor portfolio now includes a product family of ultrasonic proximity switches.

The new Simatic PXS410C sensors in M30 design are available in three converter sizes for large sensing ranges up to ten meters. They are characterized by the high IP67 degree of protection, a significantly reduced blind zone, and a more compact design. Very little space is required at the machine.

The operating mode is convertible so that the new products can be used universally – as retroflective sensors, pushbuttons, or analogue sensors. Typical applications include level detection, distance control, stack height detection, loop control, and monitoring of roller diameters.

The IO-Link compatibility of the new proximity switches offers users a number of advantages. These include, for example, simple and rapid device replacement without downtimes, with automatic reparameterisation, monitoring of sensor status and temperature, dynamic parameterisation of the measuring range limits, and rapid preventive diagnosis of disruptions.

To upgrade machinery flexibly and quickly, the sensor parameters can be integrated into the recipe management of PLCs (programmable logic controllers) or HMI (human-machine interface) devices. Moreover, the configuration time is also reduced, since parameters such as attenuation and filter depth can easily be set with the Port Configurator in Step 7.

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