ARC Academy brings case studies to light

27 April 2009

ARC Advisory Group hosted the fifth annual Process Management Academy (PMA), March 2-4, 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event included the presentation of various case studies designed to provide attendees with ideas for improving efficiencies.

Düsseldorf landmarks
Düsseldorf landmarks

On the first day, ARC hosted a workshop of the Benchmarking Consortium for Automation and Manufacturing IT, an organisation for end users, facilitated by ARC. Among other topics, workshop participants discussed possibilities to identify potential for continuous improvement through cross-correlation of different metrics.

With the participation of process industry end users, technology leaders, international media, and major industry associations (including NAMUR), various topics covered at PMA 2009 included safety and security, asset optimisation, product lifecycle management and industrial communication. The event offered a platform for presenting case studies, technology trends, best practices and strategies for success, plus a panel-led discussion with participants reviewing the different possibilities for reducing costs and other sustainability initiatives during the economic crisis.

Case studies can be found by clicking the links below and cover the following topics…

BASF has put measures in place to increase energy efficiency by 25 per cent by 2020, in line with the European Council's policy. Process control and electrical engineering can deliver substantial parts of the savings.

SABIC considers the net present value (including cost and benefit) of a product or application throughout its lifecycle a far superior investment criteria than purchasing and installation cost.

Bayer Materials Science uses a systematic approach to alarm management that reduces abnormal situations, decreases risk of shutdowns, production losses and disasters, and improves operational efficiency.

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