Master Switch Puts Resilience Into Olympian Data Centres

15 April 2009

Riello UPS forecasts a surge in UPS and STS installation as UK organisations prepare for the 2012 Olympics. To address this, it has expanded its Master Switch range of Static Transfer Switches (STS).

The switches, which now included models up to 400A, can be used in isolation or with a combination of uninterruptible power supplies and generating systems to provide resilience against mains power interruptions.

"Installing Master Switch removes single points of failure" commented Robin Koffler, General Manager for Riello UPS Ltd. "During such sensitive times as the 2012 Olympics there are no second chances for business continuity planners who will have to design systems that can cope with a range of scenarios, not least of which is a massive load increase on the electricity supply chain. We have so far seen a twenty percent increase in projects related to the Games and expect this to continue well into the next two years."

Static Switches allow a load to be powered automatically from one of two power sources: two separate AC power sources, including UPS, generators and mains power supplies. The extended Master Switch range is ideal for use in projects that require the highest possible levels of resilience and protection of critical loads including data centres, security, surveillance and transportation systems.

Intelligent management circuitry within the Master Switch STS automatically decides whether to power the load from the primary or secondary supply - based on operational measurements of the AC power supplies and set point parameters. Should one power source fail or fall out of tolerance, the load is automatically powered from the secondary.

Master Switch employs an instantaneous 'break-before-make' transfer technology to prevent overlapping of the source supplies - which could trigger short-circuit protection within the load or even damage it. Each Master Switch has a front panel LCD and remote communication facilities for remote monitoring and system integration.

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