Pumps tackle zero winter

14 April 2009

Having emerged from the worst winter in 30 years, that managed to bring most of the UK to a complete standstill with inches of snow, it’s rather unsurprising that the last few months have been busy for a well-established de-icing specialist.

Kilfrost, based in Northumberland, manufactures anti-icing products for civil aviation, general aviation and transportation. Two of its specialist products are de-icers to fill IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) at 20m³/h and road tankers at 36m³/h.

Anti-icing products have a delicate structure so when moving them a gentle pumping action, with minimal shear, is necessary to prevent foaming. Kilfrost installed Mono Compact C pumps that utilise a rotary, positive displacement action and do not rely on any centrifugal movement. This means there are no major fluctuations in fluid velocity, which is typically below 3.0m/s. Furthermore, agitation and turbulence are also kept to a minimum enabling the pumps to handle very shear sensitive liquids which may be damaged or emulsified at high shear rates.

Inverter control also allows operators to increase of decrease pump speed and capacity to suit different filling duties.

There were myriad factors behind the selection of Compact C pumps. “We specified the Mono Compact C Pumps because they enable us to automate our manufacturing process and still retain the quality of our high performance product,” Stuart Wilkie, production manager at Kilfrost, said.

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