It’s all in the ‘twist’ action - Mecmesin's torque tester

07 April 2009

The Vortex-d motorised torsion test system is the latest addition to Mecmesin’s test system range, measuring clockwise and anti-clockwise torques with excellent precision and repeatability.

The Vortex-d is a reengineered model of the successful Vortex torque tester, launched in 2006, and offers simple operation to assess torque values of rotary components. Though positioned as an entry-level motorized torque measurement system, the Vortex-d benefits from many enhancements in its design and control. These include; a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, from which operators can clearly read test parameters; memory capacity of 500 results via the AFTI display; digital display of speed and angular displacement; and improved control enabling greater precision and fine-tuning of critical test variables, such as speed.

The system has adjustable upper and lower mounting tables and crosshead, accommodating various sizes and shapes of samples up to 450mm in height. The Vortex-d incorporates top-load testing capability, simultaneously measuring force and torque, which is ideal for testing child-resistant closures.

Used in conjunction with Mecmesin’s data plotting software, Emperor Lite, the Vortex-d also benefits from test measurement evaluation options, including graph generation, enabling operators to look at results in more detail.

Suited to production floor environments as well as QC laboratories, this versatile system can be used to guarantee product quality, ensure conformance to standards and help optimise product design. Typical applications include application and release torque measurement of screw closures, positive ‘click’ on engagement of aerospace and automotive controls, and adjustment torque of electrical rotary switches.

The Vortex-d is available with a choice of transducer capacities; 1.5, 6 and 10N.m.

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