InnoDisk Launches SATADOM Low Profile Flash Module

17 March 2009

Developer of industrial storage modules, InnoDisk Corp. launches its SATADOM Low Profile flash module series.

The module is developed for unique specification the industrial mother board, with a height of 29mm and 10 per cent of standard SATA hard disk in sizes with both vertical and horizontal designs. It adopts the standard SATA 7 pin interface which increases transmitting efficiency as well as minimising the time required for system boot time.

In addition, InnoDisk Corp insists on the use of original SLC flash for production and manufacture to ensure that in terms of data storage, each block can erase more than 100,000 times. Programming the Wear Levelling Algorithm can further extend the life of the data storage module. This is suited for industrial computer systems, POS, imbedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems and standard network facilities as well as application platforms. It is also compatible with Windows XPe, Linux, WinCE, DOS and VxWorks.

Exclusively patented power supply design and high reliability test

Standard SATA transmission interface utilises 7+15 pin to provide power supply and data transmission during operation. This provides the SATA interface with fast transmission efficiency; however, it also requires the external connection of a 15 pin power cable. To date, the SATA memory modules can only be developed on 2.5" and 3.5" conventional hard disk or solid state hard disk devices.

This product is small in size and has high compatibility and reliability which supports and implements the concept of the cable-less mother board, which is a real breakthrough in all the storage interface devices. Moreover, the latch prevention design of the connector makes the anti-vibration and anti-shock capability of SATADOM meet the high reliability requirements in the fields of industrial control. In addition, the SATADOM series have passed the -40°C - +85°C temperature test to allow stable operation under a wider temperature range.

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