GigE Version of Spyder 3 Colour Line Scan Camera

17 March 2009

The recently announced Spyder3 Colour linescan camera from DALSA can be seen on the STEMMER IMAGING stand, 626, at VTX. The Spyder3 Colour camera is based on the highly successful Spyder3 monochrome models.

With Spyder3 Colour dual linescan technology, the first array contains alternating red (R) and blue (B) pixels, while the second array contains green (G) pixels. There is no spacing between the lines which eliminates spatial artefacts allowing for acquisition of rotating or freely falling objects and resulting in high colour quality. The camera offers several colour output format options, including RGB, RG/BG, or green (G) only to meet different imaging requirements.

This versatile and cost-effective camera offers high resolution and high throughput. Resolutions of 2k with a 14x14 µm pixel size or 4k with a 10x10 µm pixel size are available, with a throughput of 80 Megapixels per second and a maximum line rate of 18 kHz.

This camera also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction, automatic white balance, and is pre-calibrated to light sources such as white LEDs, for ease of use. It is also available with a Camera Link interface.

The Spyder3 Colour camera is well-suited to applications such as food, drug, cotton, textile, wood, and tile inspection, sorting of recycled goods, and other general machine vision applications.

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