Serfilco Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

17 March 2009

Low Energy Usage - Air Efficient Operation

Not all AOD’s are the same, even though they might look like it.

From a maintenance point of view, they utilise far fewer component parts than other pumps on the market. This results in longer operating life and easier maintenance at a lower cost.

When Total Life Costs are considered the prime overall factor in choosing to buy a new or replacement pump, then these pumps offer a three way, win-win-win situation.

1. First, they are low cost and competitively priced in the first place.

2. Second they are low cost on maintenance and more reliable - last longer.

3. Thirdly they are low cost to operate since they are far more air efficient.

Here are some of the advantages in converting to our Pumps :-

 All Plastic, Corrosion Resistant Air Valve
Many, which appear similar but have internal metal parts - causing corrosion when the diaphragms rupture.

 Non-Stall Operation
PTFE filled nylon pilot sleeve assembly provides un-lubricated, non-stick, non-stall operation.

 Max Flow Rates Maintained, Even with PTFE Diaphragms
With PTFE overlay diaphragms fitted we do NOT have to derate our pumps by up to 20 per cent due to reduced stroke length .

 High Efficiency, Low Air Consumption
Friction Less Air Valve SlideWays means Serfilco's AOD’s are up to 55 per cent more air efficient than similar sized competitors’ models.

Serfilco Air Diaphragm Pumps are of Course Self-Prime, and will Run-Dry continuously without failure. They are also proven to handle abrasives and suspended solids without damage to the pump.

They are also sensitive to low low-shear products by the very nature of their reciprocating diaphragm action.

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