Snap-In Clips for Assembly

06 February 2009

BÜLTE snap-in clips are the ideal solution for an economical and rapid assembly. Simply press together both pieces for fast and easy assembly.

The action of the interlocking gripper teeth creates an outstanding bond, that is very difficult to remove without damaging the clip.

The standard materials are natural Nylon (Polyamide 6.6) and natural Polyacetal (Delrin, POM). POM resists hot water, greases and oils. Snap-in clips are vibration, corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Prong diameter is 7,8 or 9,7 mm and the hole diameter recommended is 8,0 and 10,0 mm. Head diameter varies between 12,0 and 20,0 mm (the larger head diameter makes binding of soft materials a simple application).

Several head styles are available: binder slotted, flat slotted, mushroom or knurled thumb head.
Standard lengths are 8,5 and 16,0 mm but now we offer two new lengths for clips in POM material : 13,5 and 21,0 mm.

Other colours are available on request (red, yellow, green, blue…).

A complete catalogue will be sent to you free of charge on request.

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