Weidmüller’s WaveLine Industrial Ethernet Router

30 January 2009

For remote maintenance and firewall applications: Access to industrial networks hand-in-hand with maximum security. Two digital inputs are standard.

Weidmüller is presenting its new 'WaveLine-Router' for Industrial Ethernet in a compact WaveLine housing (degree of protection IP20). As well as the Ethernet to Ethernet variant the following versions are also available: with an integrated analogue, ISDN, GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA modem. The router is supplied with an integrated Security Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS is a clearly structured description of safety-relevant network devices that includes information about the network, about the safety characteristics and a matrix of the implemented services and associated safety aspects. Weidmüller’s configuration software 'Device Configurator' is included in the range of supply; this facilitates reading out and adapting the router configuration, router group management, firmware updates as well as targeted parameterization of the firewall via the 'Security Data Sheet'. The inputs allow, for example, the machine operator to make a service request. WaveLine routers support remote maintenance and firewall applications.

Weidmüller’s new Industrial Ethernet routers in the compact WaveLine housing (degree of protection IP20) ensure that different networks are able to interact without interference on the one hand and with the highest level of security on the other. In a manner of speaking the routers act as a security gate: as well as purposely separating Ethernet networks to reduce data traffic they also ensure reliable protection against unauthorized access. In doing so they fulfil two typical fields of applications historically covered by routers. And that is not all by a long chalk. As well as helping to optimize configurations Weidmüller’s WaveLine routers also open up access to the Internet and switch data between the individual networks. The following versions are available: with an integrated analogue, ISDN, GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA modem as well as an Ethernet to Ethernet version (external DSL modem connection).

The routers are equipped with two digital signalling inputs as standard equipment. Utilizing these inputs makes it possible to implement special functionality such as a simple system dial-in function or transmit a service message. For instance, it enables a machine operator to trigger a service request directly at the router; a user can switch the digital input of the router to dial into the internet and transmit a message. It is also possible to directly block the WAN ports via the digital input. This approach makes it possible to prevent all network activity behind the router. The necessary parameter settings are made in the router configuration via the web interface or by utilizing Weidmüller’s configuration software 'Device Configurator', which is included in the range of supply.

To facilitate dial-in/dial-out functionality the routers are also equipped with an RS232 port. This makes it possible to connect external modems (DSL for example) as well as enabling further functions such as PPPoE (DSL), dial-on-demand and call-back. In addition, WaveLine routers are equipped with an integrated 'stateful packet inspection firewall' which includes extensive safety features as standard: Virtual Private Network (VPN), IPSec, masquerading/routing without masquerading, virtual mapping (NAT), port forwarding, special regulations, port filter, an integrated Security Data Sheet (SDS), redundant dial-out mechanisms utilizing OSPF as well as an encrypted access to the web interface (HTTPS).

Virtual Private Network (openVPN or IPSec) is utilized to facilitate worldwide access for maintenance purposes. High levels of protection against unauthorized access are achieved through the use of solid encryption and an obligatory authentication requirement. WaveLine routers are parameterized and configured via the integrated web interface or Weidmüller's software 'Device Configurator'. The configuration software supports router group management, reading-out and adapting router configurations, implementing configurations from router to router (flash configuration) as well as targeted parameterization of the firewall based on the Security Data Sheets (SDS). The SDS describes the safety-relevant network devices in a clearly structured form and contains information about network and safety characteristics as well as a matrix of the implemented services with associated safety aspects. Regular firmware updates ensure the software is always able to deliver the latest functionality.

WaveLine routers integrate essential network services such as name server, DHCP server or client, VPN server, the vendor-neutral Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) as well as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The compactly constructed routers (108 mm x 45 mm x 129 mm L/W/H) in the WaveLine housing (degree of protection IP20) are simply snapped onto TS35 mounting rails. They are designed with built-in power supply redundancy. WaveLine routers reliably perform their services in the temperature range -40 °C to + 70 °C. Three operation indicators (power, status, line status/connection modem) indicate operations are running smoothly. The routers carry the CE approval mark. cULus certification is being prepared.

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