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10 February 2009

Belimed Sauter welcomes Baumer Bourdon-Haenni’s pressure transmitters, claiming they offer high precision and stability under constantly changing temperature conditions. Belimed Sauter manufactures sterilisers for the hygienic sector.

For each steam steriliser, two pressure transmitters are installed. Belimed Sauter uses the process connections clamp as standard. Photo: Baumer
For each steam steriliser, two pressure transmitters are installed. Belimed Sauter uses the process connections clamp as standard. Photo: Baumer

Baumer Bourdon-Haenni, which has its UK base in Swindon, supplies Belimed with pressure monitoring devices for the production of autoclaves. Several hundred devices, with clamp process connections, from the ED 701 line, have been delivered to Belimed Sauter over the last year. Furthermore, the company has integrated another set of ED 701 transmitters, with special aseptic process connections, into autoclaves manufactured for global pharmaceutical organisation, Sanofi Aventis. The Frankfurt based company uses measuring devices with Neumo BioConnect aseptic connections for its sterilisers.

The ED 701 is a piezo-resistive pressure transmitter with a stainless steel diaphragm for industrial and hygienic applications. The transmitter has a range of process and electrical connections, a 4-20 mA current loop and various voltage output signal versions.

Based on a silicon sensor, the pressure transmitter is designed for high precision within a wide temperature range and its downstream digital compensation is claimed to reduce signal drift. The piezo-resistive silicon sensor is anodic bonded on a very stable glass base, attached to a stainless steel construction. The sensor is isolated from the process pressure by a stainless steel diaphragm and a specially processed filling liquid. Electronics are located within the hermetically sealed transmitter housing to protect the ED 701 from humidity, shock and vibration. Depending on the choice of the electrical connection, the protection classes vary from IP 65 to IP 67.

The ED 701 is available with a variety of pressure and electrical connections. The hygienic design makes the series suitable for applications in the food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Any parts with media contact are made of stainless steel 316L / 1.4435 and all materials, including the white oil used as standard filling liquid, are compliant with the FDA standards. ATEX approved, the ED 701 can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres such as gases, vapours and dust. Additionally, the device has got Lloyd’s Register approval and is therefore suitable for marine, offshore and industry applications.

Sanofi Aventis was provided with a special version of the ED 701 equipped with the aseptic pressure connection Neumo BioConnect, a flange form V with a nominal diameter of 48.3 and an external diameter of 100 mm. Since there are no standards for this proprietary product, it can only be manufactured after consultation with Neumo Germany. The connection is sealed with an O’ring protected with a little jut to prevent it from being crushed when the flange is screwed together.

For each steam steriliser, two pressure transmitters 0 to 4 bar are being used. A further unit with a pressure range for the absolute pressure of 0 to 6 bar is integrated in the steam pipe.

Baumer’s pressure transmitters are used to measure the chamber pressure in Belimed Sauter’s sterilisers. Both integrated pressure transmitters are allowed only a very small deviation during operation.

Before receiving purchasing approval, Rolf Germann, head of logistics at Belimed Sauter, had to compare test series products of several suppliers. ‘We decided to use Baumer products because they offer high accuracy and stability even in environments with big variations in temperatures like our sterilisers,’ he explained.

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