UK pumps feel the pressure in Saudi Arabia

15 January 2009

The Shoaiba Power Plant in Saudi Arabia has turned to a UK based pump and motor manufacturer for the supply of nine Boiler Circulation Pumps (BCPs).

The pumps will be fitted to three very large coal-fired, sub-critical drum-type boilers, manufactured by Alstom Power Systems USA, totalling some 500MW output each. The contract is a follow on from the previous Stage One and Stage Two phases.

Based on two BCPs operating in parallel; pump delivery is 3054.8m3/hr at 355.3°C, against a differential pressure of 1.93 bar. Specific gravity is .5739 and pump suction pressure is
196.6 bar g. The motor is a wet wound stator type and the voltage is 6.6Kv.

Vic Erdilek, power market development manager at Hayward Tyler said: ‘BCPs are traditionally required for installation on either sub- or super-critical boilers, using coal as the fuelling method. On a sub-critical boiler, where traditional drum technology is used, there is a requirement for three BCPs, where two will be in continuous operation and the third on standby duty.’

‘A super critical boiler incorporates a more modern type of design concept, is more efficient and environmentally friendly and operates without the traditional drum section of a sub-critical boiler. A single BCP is required for this type of boiler and is used only for start up purposes, closing down when 35–50 per cent of full load is achieved,’ he advised.

A combination of pump and motor, the pumps are designed to operate at extreme pressures and temperatures, typically 340 bar g and up to 380°C.

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