P-CIM takes on a new life as “Pulse”

26 December 2008

AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd. announced its next generation of SCADA/HMI software—called Pulse SCADA/HMI—at the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg.

Orly Inbar
Orly Inbar

"By introducing Pulse we bring a refreshing approach to the market of SCADA/HMI," said Gabi Weiss, General Manager of Afcon Software and Electronics Ltd. "This product offers a new degree of freedom and flexibility to run any client/server configuration from anywhere. It provides the user with tools more powerful than ever before to swiftly develop and install complex applications. We are certain that Pulse will change the market."

Pulse is described as the most recent evolution of P-CIM, which Mr. Weiss says has sold 45,000 licenses in 40 countries. Because many of the copies were sold through OEMs and distributors, Afcon doesn’t know where all of them are, so it is trying to get the word out that Pulse, the most significant upgrade in 20 years, is now available to them.

“Pulse is fully designed for the .Net framework platform,” said Orly Inbar, marketing manager. “With its increased efficiency, superior visualisation capabilities and highly reliable platform for production, it raises the standard of SCADA solutions for organisations of any size.”

She describes Pulse as a SCADA/HMI application generator software that enables application engineers to work with an unified environment regardless of the project deployment nature.


It fits standalone stations, networked applications, Web architecture and terminal services deployments, and is also ready to run as client from flash disk. The Integrated Development Environment supports the transportability of application over any .Net compatible platform.


The new product leans heavily on Microsoft technology.

Pulse’s Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is in fact based on Microsoft's WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), which allows remote distributed concurrent engineering. It relies on Microsoft ClickOnce to enable remote client workstations to automatically update with new product versions and application definitions.


With .NET technology, Pulse is integrated with a new Look-and-Feel and various functionalities that help application engineers to reduce design time. The new features are intended to allow users to develop professional visualisation screens using global smart graphic objects, layers, themes and styles.

The software supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and OLEDB compatible databases.

Another new tool is the Smart Information Panel that provides real time, historical and alarm information of any application tag, ready for further data analysis.

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