New podcast: One road to wireless instrumentation

09 December 2008

Dr. Kris Pister, Dust Networks, discusses his journey to today's wireless mesh networking devices and offers a look ahead.

If you are considering wireless instrumentation, particularly those devices using the WirelessHART protocol, you can learn more about how that system came to be in a new podcast. Dr. Kris Pister, co-founder and CTO of Dust Networks, discusses how he and his associates developed many building blocks that have been incorporated into current wireless mesh-networking applications.

Pister discusses many of the triumphs and failures along the path to today’s wireless instrumentation, along with some interesting facts:
*His earliest research was using MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) techniques to create micro robots;
*The first attempts used optical transmission rather than radio frequency communication;
*How he outfitted every chair at a 2001 Intel developer’s conference with a wireless sensor; and
*Covering more than just history, he discusses current applications and where he sees the industry headed.

—Peter Welander, process industries editor,,
Control Engineering Process Instrumentation & Sensors Monthly

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