DynaMotive defends DC

28 November 2008

DynaMotive spoke up in favour of DC drive systems, as a general push to AC solutions threatens to leave DC technology behind. The Leicester, UK based supplier of vehicle testing systems often upgrades or installs DC drive systems to utilise existing equipment.

DynaMotive test rig application
DynaMotive test rig application

It makes economic sense to upgrade systems that still have good mechanics, according to commercial and marketing director of DynaMotive, David Bates.

‘Our business philosophy is to “Make technology work to the customer need”,’ Bates said. ‘Using a combination of our proven user friendly DM software and a first rate control system, we can often upgrade a customer’s test rig equipment to world class standards, again at a much reduced cost.’

He said that DynaMotive used Control Techniques’ Mentor II drive and continued to say the torques of AC and DC drives were very similar.

‘However, AC often has advantages for completely new installations, where speeds of over 6,000 rpm are needed, AC has the edge. AC motors are cheaper, but, if the supply is DC, two modules are needed, wiping out the cost advantage. Certainly, with no brushes or commutators to maintain, management is easier,’ he continued.

‘For retrofits or technology upgrades, DC is often a very attractive option, with lower capital expenditure. At DynaMotive, we manage the maintenance out of the equation, with lifecycle management schemes deployed for our customers. We see Mentor MP’s Ethernet connectivity as playing a big part in this, enabling us remote access to monitor installations providing predictive and preventative maintenance services, giving greater value and proactive service to clients.

‘If we can fix something on line via the internet, instead of jumping on a ‘plane, this assists the customers business and saves everybody time and money by maximising system uptime availability,’ he concluded.

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