Non-contact level sensor overcomes media challenges

07 May 2024

Accurate and reliable detection of fill levels is a key requirement in many industrial flow and level sensing applications. Non-contact capacitive sensors offer a good solution, being capable of detecting fill levels, without direct media contact.

Capacitive sensing technology offers important advantages especially on applications involving aggressive liquids or for fluids where direct contact with foreign particles needs to be avoided. However, in some applications microfilms or residues will adhere to the inside of the walls of tanks and vessels as the fill level drops and this is where many capacitive sensors reach their limits of effectiveness because they are unable to reliably recognise or differentiate whether the level measurement is still the medium or is just residue or microfilm. 

The new PL240 capacitive sensor from Baumer claims to be able to reliably detect point levels of water-based media. The compact point level sensor can be quickly attached directly onto tanks, vessels or tubes – with wall thicknesses of up to 6mm – using adhesive tape, cable ties or screws and offers a high performance allowing for air gaps of up to 1mm between the tank and the sensor.

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