Making complex pump controls simple

07 April 2024

Sulzer has launched a pump controller for optimised performance in the challenging environments encountered in wastewater pumping stations.

BlueLinQ Pro uses an intuitive wizard for simplified configuration and uses experience-designed presets to solve complex operating scenarios. Operators can interact seamlessly via the touchscreen and use the integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) control to maximise pump efficiency and reduce energy costs. 

The controller is able to control up to six assets, including pumps, mixers and valves.

Built-in best efficiency point (BEP) and proportional integral derivative (PID) control logic functionality ensures that all pumps in a station operate as close to peak efficiency as possible. This reduces running costs and minimises stress on mechanical components.

Smart control functionality provides multiple features to optimise pump operations and minimise the need for interventions from maintenance teams. The ability to calculate in and outflows, measure the speed of level changes and vary pump start and stop points ensures each pumping station operates to its full potential. 

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