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Smart control valve benefits

01 April 2024

Christoph Lukasik, Head of Design and Product Development at Schubert & Salzer Control Systems, talks about the benefits and challenges for control engineers of adopting smart control valve mechanisms.

The ability to adopt predictive maintenance strategies is one of the biggest benefits offered by smart devices advantage. By continuously monitoring and analysing the collected maintenance data and the status data provided, the operator is able to draw conclusions about upcoming maintenance measures and then schedule them in a timely way.

In addition, optimisations can also be made based on the collected data – for example the retrospective adjustment of the KVS value for sliding gate valves in order to increase control quality and service life.

The biggest challenge is probably handling and analysis of the collected data. The better the user understands the data, the greater the benefit they can derive from it. Maintenance staff need to betrained accordingly and technology vendors need to make their platforms as user-friendly, intuitive and useful as possible in order to lower the entry threshold, especially in legacy systems.

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