Variable speed actuation reduces maintenance

15 March 2024

AUMA Actuators offer a modular actuator solution with the control head being separate from the motor gearbox drive unit, using a common interface to connect the two components.

The common interface means both mechanical (AM Controls) and digital (AC Controls) can be bolted to different drive units. The control head is mounted at any one of four different orientations providing greater design flexibility. 

This design means that the same basic actuator can be built or modified on site, to 64 different build configurations to give maximum design flexibility.  Control engineers can mount control heads remotely from the drive unit using an umbilical cable up to 100m in length. This provides a safer solution to valve control systems which are used, for example, in underground locations. 

AUMA’s variable speed actuators provide the ability to change the speed of actuation at different points in the open/close cycle. Valves can be closed rapidly through most of the range and then slowed as it nears its close position, alleviating water hammer and extending valve seat life. Fast closure can be programmed for emergency shut down situations. This advanced control capability provides near linear performance from lower cost non-linear valves, by using the multiple speed/set point capability of the variable speed actuator. 

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